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How can we achieve mindfulness: How to use mindfulness to get a job, get better at it, and GET A BETTER(OR DIFFERENT) JOB.

For specialist and focused information on how to achieve mindfulness visit http://www.mindfulnessmnemonics.com What is better? Ok, before we jump into what mindfulness is and how we can achieve it, it’s important that we just touch on the concept of ‘better’. Since ‘better’ is partly what this article is all about; how to ‘get better’ at […]

Monday Motivation – Cliché or Truism?

What’s the deal with Monday Motivation? Is it a cliché, or perhaps it’s a truism? Let’s explore the topics of stigma and positive psychology. A lot of people get fixated on the idea of Monday being the start of the week; because a lot of people do the ol’ Dolly Parton, ‘9 til 5’. Then […]


to one of the best job and work search portals you can find!

JAWS provides you with direct links to the recruitment and vacancy pages of hundreds of organisations all over the world!

Do you need a job? Are you looking for something new? Are you helping someone else find work?

Whether you are just starting out on your professional career or looking for something new JAWS – Job and Work Search is here to help take some of the struggle out of hunting for that dream job!

JAWS Job Search

Explore the pages of the JAWS Job Search website to discover job opportunities all over the world. See what work is available in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, and even Antarctica! Across the various pages you will find links to other job search portals as well as direct links to the vacancy and recruitment sections of some of the world’s biggest and most successful organisations.

So, what are you waiting for?!

Perhaps you want to work in education or maybe engineering? Healthcare or medicine? Perhaps design and technology is more to your liking? Or maybe the world or arts and entertainment takes your fancy? Whatever industry you think you want to work in, you will find lots of helpful resources and links to kickstart your career or transition into a new one.

Whatever your skills, whatever your knowledge, and whatever your ability there are employment opportunities out there to be had.

You can also find helpful information about working remotely, freelancing, and being self-employed.

If you can’t find what you are looking for or want some help to figure out what to do next then visit the Social and Contact section and get in touch.

This is JAWS Job Search – a different kind of job search portal!


But, just for the record, that is a fantastic movie!

This is JAWS Job Search. Not a film about sharks.
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Are you looking for work?! Visit http://www.jobandworksearch.com #jawsjobsearch #notthefilm #opentowork #lookingforopportunities #findthatnextgig

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