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What is JAWS Job Search?

Welcome to JAWS Job Search, an ever growing job search portal that you can use to explore job opportunities all over the world.

It was created to make job searching easier.

What makes JAWS Job Search so special?

The reason JAWS Job Search is so special is because it links you directly to the webpages that you need to get a job.

What are the webpages that you need to get a job?

You need to be able to get directly to the recruitment and vacancy webpages of organisations.

JAWS Job Search has an ever growing directory of direct links to the recruitment pages of hundreds of organisations.

Click here to start exploring the JAWS Job Search portal and see what job opportunities are available today!

Why do you need to use these pages?

You need to use these specific pages because not all organisations accept CVs or direct contact from job agencies and recruitment agents. So, if you want to apply for jobs at these organisations then you have to use their recruitment portal.

Because JAWS Job Search has all these direct links in one place you can save yourself hours, and potentially days and weeks, of searching on the internet looking for the right information.

What if an organisation doesn’t have a vacancies webpage?

If an organisation doesn’t have a vacancies webpage you will find a contact page for that organisation instead. JAWS Job Search encourages you to send organisations your CV along with a well presented cover letter demonstrating your desire to work for them.

What if the organisation you want to work for isn’t on JAWS Job Search?

You can still use JAWS Job Search to find work through other job search portals.

There are lots of links to the other job search portals on the JAWS Job Search website.

And if a company doesn’t advertise for jobs on the internet at all then JAWS Job Search has a range of services to help you find work in other ways.

And, you can always just find a companies contact information and get in touch with them.

What other services does JAWS Job Search offer?

JAWS Job Search will soon be offering these services:

Job searching support
Job application support
CV Writing
CV Design
Cover letter writing
Interview preparation support
Freelance work guidance
Self-employed guidance

What next?

Start looking at jobs now on the JAWS Job Search portal by clicking here.


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JAWS Job Search

Searching for a job can be tough, especially if you haven’t got one. JAWS Job Search is a simple directory that you can use to explore and find job opportunities all over the world.

So, whether you are currently unemployed, looking for a fresh start, trying to find a way to develop and progress, winding down your professional career, or just fancy something new then JAWS Job Search can help you find the job and work you are looking for!

Want to feature on JAWS Job Search?

If you want to feature your company on JAWS Job Search please get in touch by e-mailing: info@jobandworksearch.com

Have you seen or discovered a mistake on JAWS Job Search?

If you find information on JAWS Job Search that is wrong, like a spelling error or a bad weblink, please feel free to get in touch and let us know so the information provided on the site can be adjusted.

Please e-mail: info@jobandworksearch.com or fill out the feedback form below.

Want to work for JAWS Job Search?

Unfortunately, JAWS Job Search isn’t hiring at present.

But we know who is! Click here to visit the JAWS Job Search portal to find the job and work you’ve been searching for!

Welcome again to JAWS Job Search. Good luck!

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