Monday Motivation – Cliché or Truism?

What’s the deal with Monday Motivation? Is it a cliché, or perhaps it’s a truism? Let’s explore the topics of stigma and positive psychology. A lot of people get fixated on the idea of Monday being the start of the week; because a lot of people do the ol’ Dolly Parton, ‘9 til 5’. ThenContinue reading “Monday Motivation – Cliché or Truism?”

Get a job with freelancing

Got skills? Want a job? What about freelancing? You’ve come across the term freelancing, but maybe you’re not quite sure what it is, if you could do it, or how to do it? So, let’s explore freelancing in more detail and then you can decide if you want to give it a try. I canContinue reading “Get a job with freelancing”

Welcome to JAWS Job Search

What is JAWS Job Search? Welcome to JAWS Job Search, an ever growing job search portal that you can use to explore job opportunities all over the world. It was created to make job searching easier. What makes JAWS Job Search so special? The reason JAWS Job Search is so special is because it linksContinue reading “Welcome to JAWS Job Search”